Winter Tennis — Ladies Doubles

Join WTCNCC for Winter Tennis (ladies doubles, round robin or team tennis). Winter Tennis Teams form in March with commitments due in June. Play begins indoors in September/October (depending on the facility), and runs through spring of the following year. WTCNCC Winter Tennis is a great way to keep playing tennis over the winter while meeting new people and growing your tennis circles.

WTCNCC Winter Tennis is played at Hockessin Indoor Tennis (HIT) and Brandywine Racket Club (BRC). The tennis clubs require a deposit to secure all contracts. The deposit amount is based on the previous years’ fees, but subject to change if the clubs increase their rates. Contracts fill-up quickly, and availability is first come, first served.

WTCNCC Winter Tennis is all women’s doubles. HIT 1, 2, 3 and 4 contracts are filled by “teams” of 2-6 people. If your team has only 2 people then you will play every week. If you decide to have more than 2 players then obviously each player will play less, but the individual team will come up with their own schedule of who is playing on any given day. If you do not have a “team”, let us know since there are often other groups that need additional players (again, a great way to meet new people).

The rest of the contracts are round robins (RR). You do not need a partner. Partnerships will be assigned on a rotating basis; however, you’ll need to let us know if you want a full share, half share or quarter share. There is no guarantee on a specific amount of playing time. We cannot accommodate any special requests for time off due to vacations, cup teams, etc. The balance for the contracts will be due in June. Times and fees will be confirmed before then.

Ratings: Note that you must have a USTA computer generated rating or have played on a women’s USTA team at or above the rating level for which you apply. Players may not self-rate on the USTA site in order to join a contract. For example, to play in a 4.0 contract, you must have a 4.0 rating or better or have played on a 4.0 team during the previous season. We have found that following USTA ratings offers a better tennis experience for all involved.

Registration: Registration for WTCNCC Tennis begins in January and February of each year. If you would like to be added to our list, we will be happy to contact you for our next session.

What is the total cost of Winter Tennis? WTCNCC Winter Tennis requires that all participants be members of WTCNCC ($25 annual membership) + Club Membership at BRC or HIT ($50 at HIT or $75 at BRC) + the cost of the court time (will vary, depending on how many times you wish to play, but the average cost of play is $13.50 per week, representing estimated court costs and subject to change) = your total cost

Club Membership Fees: You will notice in the contract grid that HIT charges WTCNCC members a $50 membership fee (this fee is subject to change). Brandywine Racket Club charges the full $75 membership fee. The “average cost per play” reflects court costs only and is an estimate. Members are responsible to pay the Club Membership Fees directly to the Tennis Club.

Membership to WTCNCC: Each Winter Tennis participant is required to be a member of WTCNCC at a cost of $25/year. Membership runs January 1st to December 31st. To pay your annual dues, visit our membership page and securely pay online.

Sign up for WTCNCC Winter Tennis using this form. All checks should be made payable to ”WTCNCC”. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of PayPal fees, we cannot accept winter tennis payments online at this time, please see the pdf flyer below for details.