Volunteer Opportunities

The Women’s Tennis Club of New Castle County has supported the activities of several local tennis-related charities by providing volunteers and/or financial resources. Some of the charitable initiatives we have supported include:

  • Special Olympics Tennis
  •  Wheelchair Tennis Tournament at DuPont Country Club
  • Tennis in the Streets
  • Tennis Rocks

Board of Directors:

Cathy Jackson

Vice President:
Neena Srivastava

Donna Chen


Immediate Past President:
Cathy DeBovis

Directors at Large:

By-Laws – Barb Herringslack
Fun Day – Parthenia Gardner
US Open Bus Trip – Parthenia
Membership – Erin Luckett
Publicity – Cheryl Heiks
Community Relations – OPEN
Summer Flex – Margie Speer and Eve Wan
Winter Tennis Contracts – Anna Jennings
Webmaster – Amy Leida
Fall Challenge – OPEN

If you would like to get involved and join one of these committees, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know your level of interest.